Vacation like a president


Again, there are a lot of different things I would like to get through today. So let me get this done so that I can get to some other stuff.

Election Day is coming up, and I know a lot of people people are nervous about what will happen, who will win, etc. We need to remember that God is in control no matter what happens. But this is a travel blog. If you just want to take some time to relax and be treated like royalty, here are some suggestions for you.

  • Tyson’s Corner, Virginia, which is very close to Washington D.C. has a deal on their newly renovated presidential presidential suite. Okay, so it will cost you $15,000, and it doesn’t say how many nights you’ll be staying in this package. But you will get to bring your spouse. The two of you will get dinner prepared by a chef, as well as a nice massage.
  • Dupont’s Circle, which is in D.C. itself, has a package called, “slice of the city, your voice, your stay”, package. And your stay depends on who you voted for in the election, though I don’t think you have to tell them. The Democrats are going to get lunch at Dupont Bar, tickets to the Spy Museum, and a private tour of the
    Verizon Center. While Republicans are going to get a voucher for oysters and beer at the Dupont Bar, hand-rolled cigars, a round of golf and a movie.

I would love to know your thoughts about all of this.


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