Disney’s Wonder


By now, everyone should know that I am a fan of Disney. I love that Disney has a lot of good, clean fun. That is their specialty. They also so love helping bring families together, something else that is near and dear to my heart.. Anyway, Disney’s Wonder is almost ready to sail once more so let’s take a look at that.

One of the things that has gone through major changes is their children’s program. And the characters from Disney’s “Frozen” will be incorporated into the new program. For one thing, the guy at the trading post will call all the children together in the morning. The new children’s program will also include Spiderman as well as characters from Toy Story. And Dory will be part of the toddlers’ splash fun.

“Frozen” will also be one of the musicals that will be performed on board. Some of your favorite songs from the movie will be in this production as well. I’m betting that this would be something that I would love to see, especially with my “Frozen” loving nieces.

For the adults, some of the restaurants are being reworked, as well as some of the nightclubs. And that’s about all this article really says. This may lead you to believe that Disney’s cruises are mostly for kids. That is not true. Disney has a lot of things for adults to do, everything from educational tracks to adults-only pools to great nightlife. Please let me know what questions you have about any of this.


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