What’s new in D.C.

I’m looking forward to taking off tomorrow, going to church, spending some time with friends.. I’m still trying to figure a good fit for the articles I’ve I’ve been working on.The articles are pretty much articles on travel advice longer than my posts here. If anyone knows any online magazines that might be a good fit, please let me know.

Okay, let’s talk about Washington D.C. and what’s new there.. They’re always making changes to the Smithsonian museums. And I’m not just talking about changing out exhibits either. They’re adding on to the museums.. They’re reopening the National Gallery of Art, after working on its expansion. They have also done some work on the National Museum of afraid American History and culture.

The people of D.C. have turned what was once a troubled neighborhood into a chic and modern hotspot. You can come out and enjoy a game of cornhole. There are five new restaurants in what used to be a lumber shed. This used to be a place you wouldn’t want to be after dark, but now it is a safe place.

There is a ne restaurant in D.C. called Compass Rose. This sounds like a place you would want to go if your goal is to have a nice relaxing meal with friends. They will serve mostly foreign cuisine. And you can get a small plate from between eight to twenty dollars.

Have you been to D.C. lately? I would love to hear your thoughts from your trip.

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