Different kind of story

My routine no to start my working time by going through the travel news and finding a story or two I can write about on this.. My heart for this business is to really help female entrepreneurs reconnect with their families through travel. I have all kinds of things I’m trying to do to get the word out about my business.. But there was an article about an entrepreneur in the travel news today.

When I read this story, I found that this girl has Cerebral Palsy, which is my disability as well. The girl is only ten years old, and her name is Codi,. She’s a normal kid in that she goes to school, and her favorite subject is recess and hanging out with her friends. She also loves to go shopping with her grandmother.

Codi’s doctor is in Denver, Colorado. And she has to go there often to see these doctors and often has to stay in a hotel. Well, during one winter visit, she and her mother got stuck in their hotel because of snow. And because the room wasn’t accessible like the hotel said it would be. So instead of just moping around and watching tv, Codi starts dreaming. She wants to build a hotel where kids of all ages and abilities can have fun.

Codi is working on ideas for her hotel. She has about one hundred different room designs in mind. She wants to put in an elevator that sounds like something off of Willy Wonka. But most importantly, Codi wants everyone to have fun at this hotel of hers.


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