Luxury in Portland?

I have never been to Portland myself, but I hear this city overall is pretty liberal and definitely crunchy. They’re into all things green. But Kimpton has just put up a new resort up out there.. If you want to go stay in this resort, you might want to keep your choice of lodgings pretty quiet when you go out to meet and great the citizens of this fair city. But then again…

The hotel is called “RiverPlace”, but you might think it should be called “RiverPalace” once you see it. It is built on a little mountain out there. But the hotel has taken on some unique characteristics that make it feel right at home in the city. There is a hiking expert,, a vegetarian restaurant expert, and a beer expert to help guide you around the city and to make you feel more like the locals.

But Kimpton does not skimp on the luxury side of things either. You will still get your bathrobe, which is part of every stay at a Kimpton. Kimpton works to make their brand work with the local flavor. And this particular property is going to feel like a mountain lodge, which will give it a cozier, more intimate feel. They will be serving free beer and wine in the evening which encourages guests to be social in the evenings instead of just staying in their rooms. They will let you ride their bikes all around the city.

Let me know if you would like to take a trip out here. I would be more than willing to set something like this up for you.


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