People are traveling for Thanksgiving

It does not seem real that we just have a little more than a week left before Thanksgiving. And then we are going to blink and Christmas is going to be upon us. Are you ready? Do you have all your travel plans together? Or do you want my help putting something together? Please let me know if you need my help.

A lot of people are traveling for Thanksgiving this year, more than they have in the past ten years. People are traveling by both air and by car. An overwhelming majority are going to travel by car. But there will be many people in the airports as well. You are going to want to be careful, and polite however you decide to travel.

As you might expect, most people are going to be gathering with family or friends for the holiday weekend. Some other places that are pretty poppopular are Las Vegas, Orlando [which is the amusement park capital], San Diego, New York City.

It is interesting to note that when this study talks about people traveling for Thanksgiving, they are going to be going over fifty miles from their home.

I would love to know what your plans are for Thanksgiving?. Are you going to be with family or friends? Do you have something you do every Thanksgiving, or are you going to try something new this year?

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