Reasons to go to Baltimore for Christmas

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I’m kind of going to apologize up front and say that I love Christmas, and most everything about it. I love the music, the parties and the plays, the decorations that are coming out everywhere So what that means here is, you’re probably going to be hearing a lot about Christmas.

There may be one more reason that your family might want to travel over the Christmas holidays. And that is if you want to see a white Christmas.. While no one can guarantee a white Christmas, it is more likely that you’ll see snow here than in many places in the South..

There is a great ice skating rink in Baltimore. Now through the middle of January, adults are going to pay ten dollars and children are going to pay nine. And this places is near Baltimore’s Harbor Place where you are going to get some nice things to eat and drink.

Baltimore is the setting for “Miracle on Thirty-fourth Street”, and so, starting at the end of this month, that block is going to be lit up. And people come from far and near to see it. The lights will remain up and on through early January. There is actually also a their that will take people through Thirty-fourth Street. It is called Holly Jolly Trolley Tour, and the tours will start on December second.

From Thanksgiving to Christmas Eve, they are going to have a German Christmas festival in Baltimore’s Inner Harbor. They will have offerings both indoors and outdoors. Here you will be able to taste all kinds of European foods.

Please let me know if you are interested in going to Baltimore for Christmas. I would love to help you plan a trip.


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