Broken world? We can help by traveling

I try to keep this blog upbeat and positive… But we’re country has been going through a rough time. And I’m not just talking about this crazy election cycle. We’ve had several incidents of multiple people being killed within the last year, and it’s tragic. And the problems are not just here in the United States. Canada has gone through a difficult election cycle as well. And then there are the terrorist attacks.. I’m grateful to say that that seems to have slowed down some lately, and I’m praying that it stays this way.

Now let me be clear, I would love to help you and your family book a cruise or a week at a resort. Families reconnecting is my mission in this business of mine.

But at the same time, I recognize the fact that if we do not reach out to others who are very different than us we’ll never be able to make any progress on any of the serious problems facing our world at this time. We need to step out of our own comfortable little worlds, and meet other people that look and think very differently from us. Maybe it can start with something as simple as inviting a neighbor who had a sign in their yard for the person we did not vote for to dinner.

Talking to people who are different than us opens our minds to new perspectives. It gives us a better idea of where other people are coming from. And it will also help us look that even if we do not agree on everything, we still can find common ground. We are still humans who need to be loved and respected..

If you want to be brave and take a trip where you are meeting people who can be quite different than you, please let me know, and I can help you figure it out.

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