Why love sea days?

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I must confess that I’m about ready to take a few days off. I think I’m just tired.. Hopefully taking a few days off is going to help me renew my vision and focus.

But anyway, today we are going to talk about days at sea.. Everyone has their owns ideas about what makes a perfect vacation. Some people like to pack their days with activities and adventures, keeping busy from sunup to way after the sun goes down. Other people would be perfectly content to go to any hotel and sit by the pool and read. I’ve kind of named the two extremes, and some people fall somewhere in between.. Personally I like getting a lot of time with friends or family on vacations, filling in the quiet times with books and movies. You may not know how much there is to do on a cruise ship. Today let’s look at some the things you may appreciate about days at sea.

  • First, days at sea are going to give you the chance to sleep in. Ships do a lot of their actual traveling by night. And a lot of the excursions end by sundown so that everyone is back on board, able to enjoy a nice dinner and the evening’s entertainment. So a lot of excursions start early in the morning.
  • Or if you’re like me and enjoy getting up pretty early, why not pretend you’re a Hobbit… Second breakfast, anyone? How about elevensies?
  • Movies are a great way to relax, and almost all ships are going to have movies that you can watch. That might be in an indoor or outdoor theater, or maybe in the comfort of your own suite.
  • If you’re someone that likes getting dressed up for dinner, days at sea are evenings where you can take your time and enjoy a longer shower or bath. You may even want to take a nap before getting ready.

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