Ice skating in Chicago

I am back to work, and have several projects I need to work on. And then there is e-mail to catch up on.. Taking a break is a lot of fun, and I can actually say that I enjoy catching up as well.

I live in Georgia, and we’re just getting to the place where it is consistently cool… But in Chicago, I bet it is already pretty cold, perfect weather to enjoy the snow, ice skating, and other fun winter sports. Today we are going to look specifically at ice skating.

The first rink we are going to look at is Millennium Park Rink. This is a great place to go to after you’ve done your Christmas shopping. It is a family friendly place. It is free to get in, but you’ll have to pay in order to rent skates. It is usually opened from November to March, but that is dependent on the weather.

Next we are going to look at something called Maggie Daley Skating Ribbon which is not far from Millennium Park. As you might guess from the name, this is no ordinary rink. This is more like a skating path, which has many twists and turning. And again you are only going to pay if you need to rent skates. It is opened from late November to March.

If someone in your group does not like the cold, you might want to try the indoor Rink that is associated with the Chicago Blackhawks.. Skating is just one of the activities you and your family can enjoy there. There is an admission price here.

I would love to know your thoughts, any questions you have.

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