Four Seasons in New York

It’s that time of year. I know that after next Friday we are going to be having our family gathering for Christmas. I’m really not sure what the week after that is going to look like. But I’ve been working a lot lately, or it feels that way to m, and the end of the year feels like a time to slow down and reflection what I want to do this next year.

Yesterday one of the ideas for cheaper travel is to find a hotel you like and stay with it. Well, some people are happy when they can pay fifty dollars a night. Others think that somewhere between one to two hundred is a good price for a room. They’re more comfortable with the finer things of life, and like the quality of service that usually comes at a higher end hotel. Well, one of the nicer hotels is Four Seasons. Today we are going to look at a newly renovated Four Seasons in New York.

First, let’s look at the hotel rooms themselves. They have put new king-sized bed in a lot of these. And these beds actually look like they’re floating on air. They have also reworked the windows so that you are going to get a magnificent view of Manhattan. You’ll also to be able to adjust the lighting to whatever mood you are in.


And as most everyone knows, the bathroom is just as important as the bedroom nowadays. They have put in glass paned showers as well as large bathtubs.. Many of the rooms will also have Jacuzzi which will fill up in no time.

Maybe you should treat yourself to one of these rooms when you have to go to a business meeting. Maybe you’ll want to take your spouse on a romantic get away. Whatever your need, I would love to help you plan a getaway to this place. Let me know if you are interested.


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