Free lunch?

I am going to do something besides work this afternoon.. So I want to go ahead and get this done.. I may work some more this evening, but not really sure of that..

For years, the airline industry has been suffering.. [I’m kind of thinking of My Big, Fat, Greek Wedding here].. Okay, I know they took a big hit from September September eleventh. And then there was the trouble with fuel, and the rising costs. So one way they decided to do to save money is to stop giving away free meals. 

But things are starting to look up for the industry as things get better in our economy. Gas prices are starting to go back down again. People are beginning to be more interested in traveling. And so as things are looking up for them, they’re starting to look for ways to give back to you, their customer and one of the ways Delta is considering doing is to once again Give their travelers free meals.

Delta has been doing a test run of this.. And their plan is to survey their guests and find out which perks are most important to their guests.. I would love to know which perks are most important to you.


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