What are your travel plans for 2017?

It’s the holiday season, and I’ve been thinking a lot about Christmases of long ago. This is a time to gather with family and friends, a time to relax. But I get a lot of e-mails about business, and how to do well at it, and a lot of these e-mails are talking about making plans for 2017. It’s always good to make a plan and stay with it. And that not only applies to our worklife, but to our personal life as well, and that includes travel plans.

There are new ways you can travel.. The river cruise is not brand new, but have you done one? Would you like to? Travel to Cuba is opening up. Are you interested in visiting a country your parents couldn’t visit?

Africa is another destination that is not new, but it is becoming more popular. People want to see, and sometimes hunt, these exotic animals.. And there are more luxurious accommodations people can stay in in Africa these days. Most are luxurious tents.

Maybe you aren’t as interested in the latest and greatest, but what’s new to you and your family. One vacation that I hear is quite popular with family is these Disney cruises. There is so much for families to do and see, both for families to do as a whole, while gives giving parents sometime to be by themselves and relax. Anything that Disney does is pretty popular with families. And Disney is known for having a high standard of service. Resorts are remodeling some of their older properties, as well as building new properties in new places.. Travel is growing and expanding here in our country and around the world.

I would love to know your travel plans for the coming year? I would love to help you figure your plans out. Please let me know if you are interested.

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