Romance in the Dominican Republic


It’s the time of year where everyone is wondering what to get those people who “don’t want anything”. If that’s your husband, I might have an idea for you… Honestly, this idea is expensive, but sometimes it’s nice to dream, isn’t it?

We were talking about honeymoons yesterday, but newlyweds aren’t the only couples who need time to themselves. A lot of time, families get busy [here I go again]. We Americans just get so busy these days. We’re trying to keep up with our jobs and families, all the kids have different interests, and you try to accommodate that. And then there is church… The list goes on and on. Time for a quiet evening is getting rare, time to take a romantic getaway seems unheard of.. If you dream of a time where you and your spouse can get away for some privacy, one idea is the Dominican Republic.

The resort is called the Luxury Baha Principe Cayo Levantado Don Pablo Collection. And this is likely the closest thing many of us will get to experiencing our own private island. This is a luxury resort , and they will have everything that you would expect at a luxury resort and more. They are going to make sure that you will get a lot of privacy and peace.

Here you are going to get twenty-four hour room service. You will have a minibar in your suite, which will be restocked each day. This property has six restaurants, where you are welcome to eat any time you like, everything is covered up front. There are also four bars on this property. You will have your choice of two pools. You will get one free scuba diving lesson. There is also a beautiful beach that you can enjoy as well. And of course, they have a spa where you can get your treatments.

Please let me now if you are in planning a trip to this resort. I would love to help you plan something like this.

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