Other things to do in NYC this New Year’s

Everyone knows about the huge celebration in Times Square.. That’s what a lot of people watch, isn’t it? But this city is too big for just one celebration. Today, let’s look at some other celebrations that are taking place around The Big Apple..

  • Brooklyn will have its own fireworks display. This will not be as crowded as Times Square, but will still be pretty busy. Starting at eleven p.m. they will start serving hot chocolate and playing live music. The fireworks, of course, start at midnight.
  • For those who would love to go back to the 1970’s, there is what is called a “videology bar and cinema”, I’m not exactly sure what that is. But you are going to be able to watch movies from that era, and you can also get your groove on.
  • Is one of your New Year’s resolutions to get healthy? You might want to start by going on a bike ride. Starting at ten p.m. you can join many others on a bike ride that will start in Manhattan’s Greenwich Village and will end in Central Park.. There will be an after-party after your ride.
  • Of course, there are also the more traditional New Year’s parties that take place around the city. Here I’m talking about parties where you have to dress up, and go to a nicer restaurant or club. Pick out your favorite spot and see what they’re doing this Saturday.. And of course, this doesn’t just apply to NYC, you can do this anywhere..
  • I would love your thoughts on this.

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