Celebrating New Year’s

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I have to say that New Year’s has never been my favorite holiday. I’m definitely a morning person and not a night owl. And besides, New Year’s just feels like the end of the holiday season, which usually feels pretty sad.

But maybe you and your husband want to get away for the weekend. Your Mom has offered to keep the kids so that you and your husband can have a little time to reconnect before life gets back to its hectic pace. You might be a couple that wants to get out and party with everyone, you might want to just hole up in a hotel room, or you might be somewhere in the middle of these.

  • The first place that comes to mind is NYC, and of course, the big party is in Times Square. If you want to see this place for yourself, but don’t necessarily want to be in the middle of all the actio, you might want to get a hotel room in the Square itself. The DoubleTree Suites by Hilton-Times Square might have some rooms still available. Their package includes a view of the ball drop, of course. You will also get a bottle ochampagne and a fruit and cheese basket, and daily breakfasts.
  • If your idea of fun is dancing the night away, you might want to go to the Grand Hyatt in Denver, Colorado. You are going to have a full bar, and an excellent buffet. There will be four different areas for entertainment. But the main entertainment will be dancing to 70’s music.
  • The Virgin Hotel is a great place if you are just looking for a place to get away for some quiet. This is a very new hotel so everything should be pretty nice.. It has a very nice place to have breakfast.

I would love to know your plans for New Year’s..

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