Planning to attend the inaugural?

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The holidays definitely feel over for me. The last of our guests left this morning. And so it’s time for me to settle into some serious work.. I have mixed feelings about this for sure.. I love being with family and friends. But I guess not life can be a party. And I do thoroughly enjoy my work.. I just have to keep reminding myself of that.

But there is a big party coming up later this month.. Love him or hate him, Trump is about to take office. And there will be a big celebration in Washington D.C. There is some very expensive inauguration packages you can.. But the inauguration is going to be free to the general public… But a lot of people are wanting to take part in this historic event, so the hotels are filling up. Today let’s take a look at some packages the hotels of D.C. are offering. Looking at these descriptions, these are not your average family packages, but sometimes it’s fun to dream.

  • Have you and your family and friends ever dreamed of taking over a hotel? You can do just that at the JW Marriott, which is on Pennsylvania Avenue. You will have access to three hundred rooms. You and your guests will be able to watch the parade from your hotel. The staff will help you plan your menus.. This will only cost you two and a half million dollars. What are you waiting for? ;]
  • Okay, so maybe that’s a little over the top, but what about a suite for $150,000? This package is at the Ritz-Carlton. They are going to have your air covered. You will be spending four nights in a luxury suite. You and your spouse will be fitted in your gown and tux. You will also have your hair and makeup done by a professional. You will get two vip tickets to the Inauguration Day event. They are even going to give you some jewelry to remember this special occasion by. You will be enjoying a private tour of the city among other things.
  • Or do you want to stay where the Inauguration Ball actually takes place? This is called the Mayflower Hotel. And since Trump is going to be the forty fifth President, they are going to charge you just $45,000. For this, you will be saying in the presidential suite, and will be going to the Inaugural Ball. The hotel is going to donate all of this money to the Children’s National Health System.

Please let me know your thoughts about any of this.


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