Island sharing

I have a lot I want to get done. My church has had meetings each evening, ending last night. But, unfortunately, I’m also having some troubles with my battery, so things have been somewhat crazy. I’m truly thankful to have been able to do my basic stuff each day. But I have people asking about trips , and I do want to get into this writing stuff more..

But anyway, they say you learn something new each day.. Actually, I’m sure I’ve heard this somewhere before. But cruise companies come under the same corporation. Carnival is under Princess Cruises which is under Holland America. And Royal Caribbean is in the same corporation as Celebrity cruises and Azamara. And these different cruiselines that are under the same corporation share their private islands.

But what exactly is on this private island? First of all, there is no need to worry that you are going to miss out on your “free” lunch while you are on this island. They’ll have barbecue lunches which are free for the taking. There are other restaurants and bars that will be available to you as well. And of course, this is an island, so you are going to b surrounded by beautiful beaches. You will be able to take part in all kinds of water sports here.

Carnival’s guests will be able to enjoy this island starting in May. Please let me know if you would be interested in something like this.


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