Debunking cruise myths

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It’s Friday, and I have several things I want to do between today and tomorrow. We’ll see how much I can  actually accomplish this weekend. But first, to make sure that this gets done.

Have you ever heard  someone say something, and then think to yourself, “that’s not right, is it?” Today let’s look some myths regarding the cruise industry.

  • People wonder if cruise ships are safe. Accidents can happen anywhere, just ask your toddler, [ugh, sorry for the bad joke]. But statistically speaking, cruising is one of safest means of travel out there. You just need to use some basic common sense, and you should be perfectly fine.
  • You are surely going to get sick on a cruise ship. Ships do move with the water. However, on these huge ships they build these days, you shouldn’t be able to feel it much, and your body should be able to adjust to it pretty quickly.
  •  Well, with so many people crowded in a small ship, some epidemic is likely to break out. News people love to keep people worried. They love to capitalize on something that goes wrong, unfortunately that is what sells papers. But again, use common sense, and listen to your ship’s crew, they’ll let you know if you need to take extra precautions.
  • Quarters are going to be cramped. This gets less true as they build new ships and renovate older ones. Cruiselines are learning that people really like their space. Some cruiselines have even started working on bigger bathrooms.
  • Cruises are nothing but a lot of drinking and partying. This used to be truer than it is today. Cruises now have a lot to offer those who love to learn.

I think I am going to stop here and may get back to this tomorrow. I would love to know your thoughts about this.


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