More cruise myths debunked

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I am pretty happy with what I accomplished yesterday. And this coming week shouldn’t be as crazy as this past week was. Today… I’m not sure how much extra I am going to do today.. But let’s get back to cruise myths.

  • There is not much to do on a cruise ship. There is actually a lot you can do on board a ship. There are always several pools you can choose from. A lot of ships are going to have water parks on board. There will most always be a good fitness center and spa. And then, what are you looking for? Are you just looking for a place for partying? There are ship with lots of different shows you can take in, and there will also be different bars and clubs for your to party in. Are you looking for enjoyable educational experiences? Some cruises have a focus, for example there are foodie cruises where you can learn all about food and wine.. And this is why you need a good travel agent, she can help you find the perfect cruise for your interests.
  • Cruise ships do not allow you to get up close and personal with the destinations you are trying to see. Once again, this is simply not true. You are going to be able to do whatever you want at destinations. Some cruises are even going to allow you to spend a night or two in your destination.
  • Cruises are just too expensive. Okay, there may have been a time when this was true, but this is not the case anymore. The laws of supply and demand work even in the cruise industry. Cruises are now one of the better ways to get the most value for your travel dollars.
  • Cruises are only great if you’re either newly married or those who are nearly dead. Cruises are great ways to spend honeymoon. They’re also nice once you are retired. But cruises also have a lot of great programs for families and singles. They have been working on this side of things.


I would love to hear any thoughts you have on these posts. I would also be more than happy happy to answer any questions you might.


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