Why should you do pre and post cruise stays

I’m a travel agent, so I’m always reading about travel of all kind . And one thing I often hear about is pre and post cruise stays. Today let’s look at some reasons why these stays just make sense.

  • The first reason you should book a pre stay is to make sure that you are at your ship when you need to be. There can always be delays whether you are driving or flying. You are responsible to get to the ship if you miss the embarking time, which likely means that you’ll have to get a flight. And I know that some people cruise just so they can avoid flying.
  • Doing a pre cruise trip will also help you get better adjusted to the time. I know some people like to go on vacations just to catch up on rest. But you’ll also want to enjoy all the food and fun on a cruise, without walking around in a haze where you can’t really enjoy anything.
  • Doing a pre or post trip will give you some more time to enjoy your destination. Some cruises are now allowing you to spend the night in some ports. Other cruiselines will work with you, or rather hopefully us if you’ll use me as your travel agent, to help us figure out pre and post opportunities for you.
  • Another reason to do a pre or post trip is simply to enjoy being on vacation a little longer. Why rush back home if you don’t have to? Take your time. Maybe you saw something on you cruise that you’d really like to come back to. You should easily be able to do that with a post trip.

As usual, I would love to know your thoughts about this.

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