Getting a visa

I have several things I want to do to do today. I have heard back from one editor, and have an assignment. And I also have business decisions to make. But I really do enjoy everything I’m doing. But let’s get to this before I do anything else.

Today I’m kind of researching a question I have.. I am a travel agent, and I know I want to primarily with families. And my thought is that I’ll mostly work on cruises and trips in the United States.Still there is so much to learn everywhere I turn.  But I’ve been wondering about visas, so let’s look into that more.

First, there is always the question of whether you will need a visa for your trip or not. Usually if you are going anywhere in Europe for less than three months, you will not need a visa. Now you will need a valid passport that will be good no less than six months after you enter the country.

Each country is going to be different when it comes to visas, and what they will allow. Some countries issue different visas depending on your reason for traveling to their country. You might be a student or business person, or you may just want to see their country. Every country is going to charge differently to obtain their visas.

There is a lot of information on this topic, and I think we are going to look more at this tomorrow at least.. I would love to know any specific questions you might have.

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