Getting a visa #2

My mind is going in about fifty different directions of things that need to be done. But to me, that is a good thing, because I love being busy, and I love what I do.

Okay, so the big question is, “How would I go about getting a visa?” And that’s what we are going to answer today.

Whenever you are planning to go out of the country, it is a good idea to see if you are going to need a visa. And figuring this out is something that ultimately rests on your shoulders. Your travel agent may be able to give you an idea of whether or not you might need one, but getting everything done is something that you need to do yourself, and the blame will rest on you if you do not have the paperwork you need. To figure out whether you will need a visa, go to the United States State Department’s website, and look under Americans traveling abroad. From there, you should be able to look up the country you are visit, and find out exactly what you will need.

Your next step should be to go to the country’s Embassy or consulate website. Usually you will be able to go through the visa application process online. But make sure that you have everything printed off as well. You will need to mail them to the country’s embassy. You might also want to print a copy for your records.

Visas cost anywhere between fifty and two hundred dollars. And you will need to pay this by check or money order. Please let me know what questions you have about any of this.

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