Myths about female solo travel #2

I have several things I would like to get done today. My computer has been giving me fits, but let’s get started.

  • Group travel can be a lot of fun. This is a great way to catch up with family and friends. But at the same time, being in a group makes ions more complicated. Sometimes you want the freedom to go and to do whatever you want whenever you feel like It. Sometimes the people whose country you are visiting will invite you to their house for a meal. Maybe this would make your family uncomfortable, but you would love to do this. After all, eating in a home can be a lot different than eating in a ¬†restaurant.. If you travel by yourself, you do not have to worry about if the other people enjoy what you are doing.
  • Some people think that if you are going to do a solo trip, it has to be this huge, life-altering experience. It can be whatever you want to be. It can be something as simple as a weekend getaway, where you just get in your car drive , stopping wherever you feel like it. Or maybe there is a certain country you’ve always wanted to explore. You might want to take smaller trips and work your way up to a bigger trip.
  • I’m sorry, feminists, but there are just certain things that make us women more vulnerable. And that is true both physically and emotionally. If you’re married, or are uninterested in pursuing a long distance relationship, wear a ring on your left hand. You might want to join a group of other ladies who are traveling..

Again I would love to know your thoughts about all this. Have you ever tred alone?

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