Checking in

I’ve kind of had some downtime today, and have also had internet, so I’ve been looking through things.. I’m not sure how much internet I’ll have the rest of the trip. But I know I’ll have a good bit of work once I get home… I think I’ll just give some things I’ve enjoyed on this trip.

  • The first part of this trip was a time with friends. These are friends I think highly of, but don’t get a lot of time with because they live in different parts of the world. So it was nice to get some time with them.
  • The hotel staff were great. People liked to see that I got out on a walk each day, several times a day most days. They were always checking to see if I was okay. Some of these people could hardly speak England. It was always interesting.
  • Cyprus is truly a beautiful place. They have a lot of citrus trees there. The hotel was right by the sea, and you can see the mountains from the sea. That was amazing. The hotel had breakfast that came with the hotel, so we ate that each morning. Lunch we’d have snacks i our room.. Dinner we’d go to a pub as a group which was a treat. Think my favorite thing there was the fish and chips.
  • I was kind of given a surprise trip this second week, getting to see a part of the world I’ve dreamed about.. For this part of the trip, we’ve stayed with friends, and that has been really nice. I’ve enjoyed getting to know more of why the people live.

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