Saving money while traveling

We are home.. Loved my trip, there is no question of that. It was kind of a combination of a trip to visit some dear friends who live in other parts of the world, and also to do some sight seeing an. Loved both of those things.. Did not especially the flying over, especially the really long flights.. Anyway, I’m sort of fighting jetlag, so I am going to do my usual and write about an article I’m reading online.

  • If you want to save to save money on travel, the first thing you should consider is when you should take your trip. Summer is the most popular time to travel, so it is also usually the most expensive. Christmas is another popular time to travel. Going at other times will usually go a long way to help save Money.
  • Booking early is another way to save money. Hotels and places like that like knowing that they are going to have guests. It also doesn’t hurt your travel agent’s feelings to book early, just saying. However, make sure you are going to be able to take your trip before booking, because some people charge when you have to change things around.
  • Bring snacks. Personally we did this on our trip, and it worked really well.. Our hotel had a big breakfast for us each morning. And we were eating out with our friends most evenings. So at lunch we mostly had snacks. That’s all we really wanted or needed.

I would love to know any thoughts you might have on this. I would also to know ways you save on travel.

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