Excellent River Cruises

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River cruises are getting more and more popular as time goes by. Today let’s look at three you might want to try, whether this will be your first river cruise or your one hundredth.

  • I live in Georgia, and spring is glorious here in the south. We do get some colder weather down here.. And our summers can begin in April and go through October. But spring, spring is nice. I love to walk around my neighborhood, looking at all the beautiful Flowers and the baby animals that are coming out. Spring seems to be beginning already in my part of the world. And if you want to experience this, you might want to try the trip called Antebellum South, which is put on by American Queen Steamboat Company. The ship runs between Memphis and New Orleans. Explore some of the cities that became famous during the Civil War.
  • Or you might want to get out of this country for a while.. River cruising starting in Europe, and this continent is still one of the very best places to do a river cruise.. There is something elegant about both Europe and river cruising that the one truly complements the the others. While there is really no bad choice when it comes to touring Europe in this style.
  • Another place people are enjoying taking river cruises to is Myammar. Explore old monasteries. Discover all the different markets in the country. See “The Golden City” of Mandalay.

I would love to hear your questions about River cruises. Please let me know.

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