Checking in

I’ve kind of had some downtime today, and have also had internet, so I’ve been looking through things.. I’m not sure how much internet I’ll have the rest of the trip. But I know I’ll have a good bit of work once I get home… I think I’ll just give some things I’ve enjoyed on this trip.

  • The first part of this trip was a time with friends. These are friends I think highly of, but don’t get a lot of time with because they live in different parts of the world. So it was nice to get some time with them.
  • The hotel staff were great. People liked to see that I got out on a walk each day, several times a day most days. They were always checking to see if I was okay. Some of these people could hardly speak England. It was always interesting.
  • Cyprus is truly a beautiful place. They have a lot of citrus trees there. The hotel was right by the sea, and you can see the mountains from the sea. That was amazing. The hotel had breakfast that came with the hotel, so we ate that each morning. Lunch we’d have snacks i our room.. Dinner we’d go to a pub as a group which was a treat. Think my favorite thing there was the fish and chips.
  • I was kind of given a surprise trip this second week, getting to see a part of the world I’ve dreamed about.. For this part of the trip, we’ve stayed with friends, and that has been really nice. I’ve enjoyed getting to know more of why the people live.

Little thought of winter getaways

I’m not sure what the next couple of weeks are going to be like. I have no idea how much internet access I am going to have. And also not sure how much time I’ll have, or even want, to write while on my trip I am going to be with people I love and do not get enough time with… I’m also praying that my communication device will be treated with care during the flights and everything.. But anyway, let’s look at some lesser thought of winter destinations.

  • first we are going to look at Japan. People often don’t realize how much snow Japan actually gets. Japan has hosted the Winter Olympics. You will be able to enjoy some great ski resorts here. You can also learn more about their unique culture while you are visiting.
  • Spain has more than just sunny beaches to attract guests. The pyraneese mountains have some excellent spots for skiing. Spain’s capitol of Barcelona is only a few hours away from here. Why not take in both destinations in the same trip?
  • Want to boast to your friends in Africa? You can. The Atlas Mountains have some great skiing. They also have a nice resort there. If being in a very remote is what you are looking for, this is your dream.

I would love to know your thoughts on any of these.

Make 2017 your year toavel

Okay, let’s be honest, by now, the newness of 2017 has worn off. For most of us, routine has set back in. We may have made a few changes to our lifestyles, but we’ve found our rhythm for this year. But today, let’s look at some reasons you should travel more this year..

Travel is less expensive. With more and more people traveling, prices are coming down. Travel deals are everywhere, especially on the internet. And as a travel agent, I will be able to help you find what you are looking for.

Travel breaks down barriers. When we travel to different parts of the world, we see how much we have in common. True, cultures can vary widely. But people everywhere want to be loved, they want respect, they want a safe place for their children. Travel helps us see how much we share with others around us.

Travel also helps you foster new interests. You might have a goal to want to learn to cook, or maybe you want to learn to paint. Traveling can give you that inspiration or head start. Cruises have all kinds of classes you can take part in..

Taking breaks from your day to day routines helps us see the bigger picture and enables to come back and enjoy our normal life more. Taking breaks helps us gain new perspective. Taking breaks is also good for our physical and emotional health.


If you want to travel more in 2017, I would love to hear more about your own reasons.

Myths about female solo travel #2

I have several things I would like to get done today. My computer has been giving me fits, but let’s get started.

  • Group travel can be a lot of fun. This is a great way to catch up with family and friends. But at the same time, being in a group makes ions more complicated. Sometimes you want the freedom to go and to do whatever you want whenever you feel like It. Sometimes the people whose country you are visiting will invite you to their house for a meal. Maybe this would make your family uncomfortable, but you would love to do this. After all, eating in a home can be a lot different than eating in a ┬árestaurant.. If you travel by yourself, you do not have to worry about if the other people enjoy what you are doing.
  • Some people think that if you are going to do a solo trip, it has to be this huge, life-altering experience. It can be whatever you want to be. It can be something as simple as a weekend getaway, where you just get in your car drive , stopping wherever you feel like it. Or maybe there is a certain country you’ve always wanted to explore. You might want to take smaller trips and work your way up to a bigger trip.
  • I’m sorry, feminists, but there are just certain things that make us women more vulnerable. And that is true both physically and emotionally. If you’re married, or are uninterested in pursuing a long distance relationship, wear a ring on your left hand. You might want to join a group of other ladies who are traveling..

Again I would love to know your thoughts about all this. Have you ever tred alone?