Tips for family travel

Everything is different when you start having kids.. Well, that’s what I’m told. Marriage is different, becomes more complicated. Your relationships with other family changes.. You start going out with friends less, and start worrying about things at home more.. Well, travel changes too. Today we are going to look at some things you might want to consider.

  • Maybe not when you’re traveling with your first infant, babies tend to sleep through everything. Bu, but as your children come and get older it’s wise to get more than one room at a hotel. This is especially true if you’re staying in a hotel for more than just a night or two. Parents usually like to go to bed later than they want their children to go to bed. If you have another room, you may feel freer to enjoy time as a couple, talking or watching tv.
  • Traveling with kids is not the best time to fly by the seat of your pants. Go on and make the reservations for the hotel. Make sure you have your rental car all lined up. Do the necessary planning so that everyone is comfortable on your trip trip. Better yet, let me help you make all of those plans.
  • A lot of places are going to have things like cribs, strollers and bikes available for rent. If you are going on an airplane and need to be careful about how much luggage you bring, why not rent the things you need.
  • Planning a family vacation is about balance. You want your kids to have a great time, you don’t want them whining. But at the same time, you want to have a nice time yourself. Finding the balance can be tricky, especially if you have kids with different interests.
  • Family vacations are also the wrong times to try to squeeze everything in that you want to do. Pace yourselves. Especially if your children are younger, try to do the major thing you want to do that day done in the morning. Take a break and go back to the hotel. Relax, those who are old enough not to need naps can enjoy pool time. And then you can venture out again in the evenings.

These are some ideas I’ve gotten from the internet. But I would love to hear your tips and ideas. Please let

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