Couples’s Resorts

Okay, let’s be honest… A lot of vacation spots say that they are all inclusive, but are they really? Some properties give you some meals when you stay with them, but do they give you you’re drinks?. You may be able to get all your meals and drinks, but is it going to cost you an arm and a leg to do anything besides lay around on the beach? And let’s get real, you can’t truly relax when you never really know when your hotel is racking up charges to your bill every time you turn around, can you?

The group called Couples’ has several resorts in Jamaica. Couples’ knows that you truly want to relax on your trip, not worry about money, or even worse, fight about money during the time you wanted to spend with the one you love. They will even enjoy a variety of evening entertainment at no extra charge.

During the days you are going to have a wide variety of water sports you could choose from, including sailing, water skiing, wind surfing, and sailing.. But these resorts even go over and above that. There are even things that are not on the property that will be included for you. Imagine going on a day cruise. Or maybe you’d like to ride in a glass bottom boat?

They will also let you enjoy private candlelight dinners at no extra charge. If you want to stay in your suite, they even provide you with room service. They will give you even more special treatment if you are on your honeymoon. One thing honeymooners will get is a free massage for couples.

Do you want to plan a romantic getaway? Please let me know.

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