Planning a trip with teens

You thought once your oldest child was a teenager, life would just get easier. You’d have someone that can help with the younger kids. You’d eventually have someone that could drive and help with errands. And you figured you’d have more of a friendship than a parent/child relationship since you’re not that far from being a teenager yourself, right.. You didn’t count on their attitude though. If your child is not out with friends, or in their room on social media, they are not happy. Sometimes they can be helpful. Other times, watch out if you so much as look at them the wrong way… The question is, how can you help them have the best vacation? Here are some thoughts.

  • Going to a resort may be one of your better choices because they usually have a lot for teenagers to do. Resorts have teen clubs and things like that where your teen can get to know the other teenagers on property. And the places they are going to be will always have plenty of food and drink.
  • Ask them what they want to do on your vacation, and let them help you plan it all out. Teens are moving from children into adults. They like asked what they want to do, instead of being old.
  • Give them their own space if that is at all possible. Teens don’t like being told when they have to go to bed or get up. Most are going to want sometime to be on the computer, keeping up with friends back home or playing their games.
  • And this leads to another great question, and one you should probably have figured out before vacation starts. How much time do you want your teen either in their room or off with friends, and how much do you want them with your family? Clearly laying out expectations before you leave should help you avoid fights on vacation.

I would love to know your thoughts about having teens on your vacation.


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