How Costa sets itself apart

Being in business for myself, I hear, “You must find ways to set yourself above your competition” and similar things all the time.. And for myself, I know I want to give families great service so that they will turn to me to book their travel. Hopefully they will also tell their friends about me as well… Costa is a cruiseline that wants to stand out from their competition. Let’s look at some ways they are doing that.

  • They are offering some of the most inexpensive cruise fares in Europe around. They are doing things like “kids sail free” and “on board credit”. They also have longer times in port. And you will be touring places like the Canary Islands and the Greek Isles.
  • Costa is an Italian line, and so they are going to have some of the world’s finest cuisine out there. A Michelin star chef designs their menus. Their main dining rooms are delicious, serving mostly Italian favorites. But they will also have specialty restaurants with Asian food as well as mozzerella bars and pizzerias. They also have a great selection of wines.
  • A lot of different cultures are represented on Costa cruises. So you never know who you might run into, which cultures you might get to explore simply by making new friends.
  • Costa has a great children’s program.. And let me say here that I don’t think many of the other premium brands does much with children. Costa program will keep the littles busy from morning until night. They will also have things for your teens to enjoy. enter.
  • I would love to know any questions you might have about Costa. Have you ever been on one of their cruises? Would you like to? Please let me know.

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