Things are not going the way I thought they would. My hope is to have a lot more internet time by tomorrow or Wednesday..Wrote this Thursday actually.

Sometimes you just want to get away for a quick getaway? It may have been a crazy week at work. Or you may just need some time to reconnect.. Whatever it is, you want to get away, but you do not to go far… If this sounds like you, here are some ideas.


For those who of you who are in Florida, you might want to try Fisher Island Club. This is an island off of Miami, and one of the most exclusive places in the United States. Play a round of golf. Relax at their beach club. Enjoy fine dining at any of their restaurants. and get pampered at their spa.


Or are you more in the area of Vegas? Here you might want to try Four Seasons Las Vegas. This area is known for going over and above, a this place is noexception. You will be receiving luxury at every turn. At the same time, this resort is more hidden away than most in the city. Or maybe you live up North and want to go to Canada. There is a nice place called the Wickaninnish Inn. Enjoy having a fireplace in your room. Relax in their deep tubs. Relax while taking in the beautiful Pacific Ocean.


I would love to know your thoughts on what it means to be truly pampered.



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