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Personally I’ve never been someone who loves to camp. Days out with friends, outdoor cooking, playing games, swimming I have no problems with. But I can’t sleep when I’m not comfortable. And I have a hard time getting comfortable while camping.. However, more and more Americans are camping. Different people like different things when vacationing. Some people love to camp and rough it. Others loving staying with friends and catching up with people the they haven’t seen in a while.. Still others love vacationing in luxury.

Camping is a very economical way to camp. You can usually get a campsite for somewhere between ten and twenty dollars a night. And of course, you can bring your food to cook. Eating out is something you can do if you want, but it is not necessary at all. The tent is the most traditional way to camp. But you can also bring an RV.

A lot of people enjoy bringing and playing board games while camping. But a lot of campgrounds are going to have wifi so that everyone in your family can keep up with friends at home.


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Sometimes you just want to get away for a quick getaway? It may have been a crazy week at work. Or you may just need some time to reconnect.. Whatever it is, you want to get away, but you do not to go far… If this sounds like you, here are some ideas.


For those who of you who are in Florida, you might want to try Fisher Island Club. This is an island off of Miami, and one of the most exclusive places in the United States. Play a round of golf. Relax at their beach club. Enjoy fine dining at any of their restaurants. and get pampered at their spa.


Or are you more in the area of Vegas? Here you might want to try Four Seasons Las Vegas. This area is known for going over and above, a this place is noexception. You will be receiving luxury at every turn. At the same time, this resort is more hidden away than most in the city. Or maybe you live up North and want to go to Canada. There is a nice place called the Wickaninnish Inn. Enjoy having a fireplace in your room. Relax in their deep tubs. Relax while taking in the beautiful Pacific Ocean.


I would love to know your thoughts on what it means to be truly pampered.



How Costa sets itself apart

Being in business for myself, I hear, “You must find ways to set yourself above your competition” and similar things all the time.. And for myself, I know I want to give families great service so that they will turn to me to book their travel. Hopefully they will also tell their friends about me as well… Costa is a cruiseline that wants to stand out from their competition. Let’s look at some ways they are doing that.

  • They are offering some of the most inexpensive cruise fares in Europe around. They are doing things like “kids sail free” and “on board credit”. They also have longer times in port. And you will be touring places like the Canary Islands and the Greek Isles.
  • Costa is an Italian line, and so they are going to have some of the world’s finest cuisine out there. A Michelin star chef designs their menus. Their main dining rooms are delicious, serving mostly Italian favorites. But they will also have specialty restaurants with Asian food as well as mozzerella bars and pizzerias. They also have a great selection of wines.
  • A lot of different cultures are represented on Costa cruises. So you never know who you might run into, which cultures you might get to explore simply by making new friends.
  • Costa has a great children’s program.. And let me say here that I don’t think many of the other premium brands does much with children. Costa program will keep the littles busy from morning until night. They will also have things for your teens to enjoy. enter.
  • I would love to know any questions you might have about Costa. Have you ever been on one of their cruises? Would you like to? Please let me know.

The best places to travel solo

As a disabled person, I pretty much have someone with me at all times. Not necessarily in my room, but in the house, or wherever I am. And of course, other people have to help me with all of my physical needs.. Part of me thinks that traveling on my own would be awesome. I would love to make all of my own decisions. But I know I would get lonely pretty quickly.. If you’re dreaming of striking out on your own, here are some places you might want to consider.

  • Lombok, Indonesia is a pretty popular place for solo travelers because there are no motorized vehicles in this place. You will be able to walk around the entire in a couple of hours. This is a great place to go diving or surfing.
  • This article I’m reading is saying that Jordan is a good place for solo travelers. archaeologists, and anyone who enjoys history will love this place. Or you might just like rugged places. You might want to do a hiking expedition. But this is probably not the best place for women to go alone. A lot of what these people know about Americans is from the movies. The men there might think you’re there for different reasons if you catch my drift.
  • Edinburgh, the capitol of Scotland, is known for not only being beautiful, but also a very friendly place. You’ll probably be perfectly safe to stay in a hostel in this place. This is a great way to make some new friends.




I would love to know your thoughts on these places, or any questions you might have.

Reasons to visit Los Cabos

First, we’

re about to start traveling some. I think I am going to have internet, and so should be able to work some. But we will see how everything plays out.

Are you tired of the winter and ready for some fun in the sun? If that describes you, why don’t you try Los Cabos? This Is a beautiful spot located in Baja California… Here is a trivia fact for you. Los Cabos became a hot spot thirty years ago thanks to the show “Beverly Hills 90210” Now let’s look at some reasons that you should go.

  • First of all, this is a convenient flight from Los Angeles. This works great for those who live in this area. It also works well for those who want to take a tour of Hollywood, and then do a little fun i the sun vacation. Cabo, which is what those who are in the know call it, is a great place for families or couples alike.
  • San Juan Del Cabo is the smaller of the two cities. It is still a quaint town, where you can find cobblestone roads and nice little shops. This is the quieter town where you can truly relax. Cabo San Lucas is the more commercialized city. This is where you will find all of your evening entertainment.
  • Not only is this place beautiful, it also has beautiful weather. They get rain around twenty-four days a year. It is rare that the temperature drops below 75.
  • You are going to be enjoying a lot of fresh foods wherever you eat in this place. There is even one place that will help you learn to paint. They will provide everything you will need, including lunch..

Have you been to this place? I would love to know your thoughts.

Saving toward your dreams

I’ve learned that a lot of our life is about the choices we make. And that is definite true when it comes to what we do with our money.. Do we want that snack that looks so good right now, or is the big item, maybe a trip, worth waiting to eat until we go home? Let me give you some other ideas..

  • Would you give up twenty-eight cocktails to go sky diving in Italy?
  • Would you give up your morning latte for two weeks to go bungee jumping in Germany?
  • Is seeing the Eifle Tower worth going without your daily chocolate fix for about eighteen days?
  • Is twenty cans of soda worth going scuba diving in Thailand?

Cultural diffences

Last month I took my first trip out of the country. And let’s just say, my eyes have been opened. I have known for a long time that we are the only country not using the metric system. But did you know that most other countries’ calendars start their week on Monday instead of Sunday.Did you know that most countries use what we’d call military time, meaning our one o’clock would be 1300. Today we are going to look at some other differences.

  • In Mexico, it is not only rude, but it is also illegal to ugly words in public places. It is also illegal to have any kind of artistic display of nudity
  • I know that a lot of countries around drink alcohol quite a bit, letting their teenagers drink even. But apparently, that’s not the case in the United Arab Emirates. You are not allowed to get drunk in public. And in Saudi Arabia, alcohol is prohibited.
  • Germany, you would imagine they would look at things pretty much like we do, right? You are not allowed to stop on the Autoban is strictly prohibited. Cycling while under the influence is also illegal. Police might take away your driver’s license for that.
  • We Americans are able to say whatever we want about whoever we want, even those in politics. But that is not the case in Thailand. You can not criticize their monarchy. Doing so in public could land you in prison, anywhere between three and fifteen years. Littering is also taken very seriously in this country.

If you have traveled outside of this country, I would love to know your thoughts about the differences you found in the other places around the world.

Bits of news

I must confess, I’m not all that techy. Some people might disagree with that. After all, I do have a very complicated computer I’m on most of my waking hours. I’ve learned how I need to do the things I like to do each day. When everything works, I feel like I do quite well, but when something doesn’t work, I usually have to call for help… But today let’s look at some of the travel technology out there.

  • For those of you who love cruises, but miss some of the conveniences of having your phone with you at all times, MSC is working on a new device for you. This device is going to help you get around the ship. It will also help you make your reservations at their restaurants. You will also not need to rely so much on your concierge as you will be able to make your own arrangements. You might ask, why are they doing this? This is a way to improve personalized services without having to hire more people.
  • This makes me think of my big trip… Ever get tired of lugging your carry ons everywhere you go in the airport? They’re using a combination of the technology used in those Roomba vacuums and the GPS on your phone. These suitcases will follow you around wherever you go… We had an non technology solution. We always flew with friends, and they helped with our luggage.
  • Is your dream to go somewhere out of this world? SpaceX is hoping to start sending people like you and me in 2018. Yes, NASA is going to get top priority if they want to send their astronauts this way. It does appear that they have their first trip completely booked.


Planning a trip with teens

You thought once your oldest child was a teenager, life would just get easier. You’d have someone that can help with the younger kids. You’d eventually have someone that could drive and help with errands. And you figured you’d have more of a friendship than a parent/child relationship since you’re not that far from being a teenager yourself, right.. You didn’t count on their attitude though. If your child is not out with friends, or in their room on social media, they are not happy. Sometimes they can be helpful. Other times, watch out if you so much as look at them the wrong way… The question is, how can you help them have the best vacation? Here are some thoughts.

  • Going to a resort may be one of your better choices because they usually have a lot for teenagers to do. Resorts have teen clubs and things like that where your teen can get to know the other teenagers on property. And the places they are going to be will always have plenty of food and drink.
  • Ask them what they want to do on your vacation, and let them help you plan it all out. Teens are moving from children into adults. They like asked what they want to do, instead of being old.
  • Give them their own space if that is at all possible. Teens don’t like being told when they have to go to bed or get up. Most are going to want sometime to be on the computer, keeping up with friends back home or playing their games.
  • And this leads to another great question, and one you should probably have figured out before vacation starts. How much time do you want your teen either in their room or off with friends, and how much do you want them with your family? Clearly laying out expectations before you leave should help you avoid fights on vacation.

I would love to know your thoughts about having teens on your vacation.

Couples’s Resorts

Okay, let’s be honest… A lot of vacation spots say that they are all inclusive, but are they really? Some properties give you some meals when you stay with them, but do they give you you’re drinks?. You may be able to get all your meals and drinks, but is it going to cost you an arm and a leg to do anything besides lay around on the beach? And let’s get real, you can’t truly relax when you never really know when your hotel is racking up charges to your bill every time you turn around, can you?

The group called Couples’ has several resorts in Jamaica. Couples’ knows that you truly want to relax on your trip, not worry about money, or even worse, fight about money during the time you wanted to spend with the one you love. They will even enjoy a variety of evening entertainment at no extra charge.

During the days you are going to have a wide variety of water sports you could choose from, including sailing, water skiing, wind surfing, and sailing.. But these resorts even go over and above that. There are even things that are not on the property that will be included for you. Imagine going on a day cruise. Or maybe you’d like to ride in a glass bottom boat?

They will also let you enjoy private candlelight dinners at no extra charge. If you want to stay in your suite, they even provide you with room service. They will give you even more special treatment if you are on your honeymoon. One thing honeymooners will get is a free massage for couples.

Do you want to plan a romantic getaway? Please let me know.