Great places to take a cruise


We have been discussing all that Norwegian has to offer families. Today let’s look at some of the more popular cruise destinations. Now would be a great time to plan your summer vacation, as prices tend to go up as we get closer to the busiest travel season. Please let me know if you are interested.

  • If you are a nature lover, someone that loves botany, or someone that loves taking pictures of beautiful flowers, you will want to try to get to the Galapagos. Here you will also have opportunities to hike and snorkel.
  • The Artic is becoming a very popular place to cruise. Get up close and personal with the polar bears. Bird watching is another incredible experience here. If you would like to do something more accessible, go explore Alaska. You are going to be seeing pretty much the same things. And Alaska will make for a less arduous journey.
  • Cruising Africa? I’m always reading travel news, and I haven’t heard anything about this. Sure, I know people are enjoying Africa safaris, and some are going to do these big game hunts. Apparently, you are going to be doing both of these while on a cruise. This may be a safer, more luxurious way  to travel in  Africa.
  • Or is your family just looking for a nice beach vacation? Try Belize. This is an incredible place to dive. Not into water sports? You might want to try Biking through the rain forests. And besides Belize is near Norwegian’s private island is.

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