Make the most out of your Viking cruise

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Unless something happens that I do not foresee, I will not be working tomorrow or Saturday. And I’m not sure what the next week is going to look like. And honestly, I’ve been fighting the computer, and the internet, every step of the way today, or else it just feels like it. We’ve had some weather problems this week… But anyway, on to bigger and better things.

Okay, so Norwegian is all about choice. You choose when and ha you want to eat, and who you want to eat with. You choose how much you want your children to take part in the kids’ clubs, and how much you want to do things as a family. You choose what and how much you want to do… But on Viking, things are quieter and simpler. Viking does not have all the specialty restaurants. They will not have all the lavish entertainment some of the bigger cruise ships will have. But then again, you will not have the huge crowds to fight, and will receive more personal service. Today let’s look at some tips  that should help you on your next Viking cruise.

  • Viking cabins are pretty comparable to ocean cruise ships. The exception would be their showers. They are smaller, understandably so, but even here Viking does make the most of the space.
  • Viking includes so much in their cruise packages. One things you are always going to have access to is wi-fi. You are going to get free beverages with your meals, even if you want wine or beer. You will also get one free shore excursions, one at every port … Okay, as a travel agent, I know that’s virtually unheard of anywhere else.
  • This is something I haven’t heard before, but Viking serves oatmeal raisin cookies after the shore excursions. This makes for the perfect afternoon snack. Enjoy them with your fellow travelers, or take them back to your room and relax before dinner.
  • Okay, I think I’ve mentione here I love Downton Abbey, and I know that Viking is one of their ssponsor . But they have cruises that go to Highclere Castle. You can also enjoy the show while on board.

I would love to know if you are interested in taking a Viking cruise. I would love to help you plan one.


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