Cruise news

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I have had some different things going on, and have a pretty limited time on the internet. So today let’s look at some different news.

  • The first thing we are going to look at is Carnival has made a pool change. Most of the pools are now family friendly as opposed to adults-only. I know that Carnival is very much a family friendly cruiseline, and very much a mass market product. Carnival is likely not the best place to take your honeymoon. So it is probably  best to have the pools mostly family friendly.
  • Alaska is one of the more popular place to do a cruise. Europe is another places people are really enjoying going on cruises these days.
  • A lot of cruisers love paying one price and then not having to pay much once they are on board. And to be honest, the more expensive the cruise, the more that is included in the price.
  • Having the internet on board is getting better and better. People love that. They love being able to connect, whether it’s to share pictures or to check in with their families.

Are you interested in taking a cruise? Please et me know if you want me to help you plan a cruise. Thanks


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