River cruising with kids

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Most the time, when you think of river cruising, you will think of people that are older, retired.. Most river cruises will not have programs for children. But that does not mean that children can’t go with their parents and have a marvelous time. Today let’s look at some reasons you might want to take your children on a river cruise.

  • Most children love being with other children, no matter their race or language. A lot of river cruises are big into education. And so sometimes you will be visiting schools, allowing your children to play with other kids. This may be a great opportunity to teach your children to share by bringing extra school supplies or toys.
  • You are likely to be visiting castles, and kids love castles. After all, castles play a big part in the fairy tales, and children still believe in these stories. And speaking of stories, children will probably love the tales told in the temples you may visit.
  • River cruises tend to do the more extravagant shore excursions. This is likely to add the wow factor for anyone, but for children who love surprises, this is extra special. .
  • Another thing your children will likely love are the markets. You might have to set some rules on how much you will spend. But markets are a great way to learn about other people’s cultures.

Is anyone interested in taking a river cruise? Please let me know if you are.


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