Working while on vacation

I’ll be honest, I have a lot of different things I want to do, for the business and otherwise. I have some decisions I need to make, I may be making some changes soon, but need to look into some things.. I’m not sure I am going to do this weekend, and how much will wait. But first…

With the invention and expansion of the internet, and so much of what we do connected to said internet, a lot of people find it very difficult working altogether, even while they’re on vacation. That’s true even for me Personally, I try to take my time off when we’re with family I don’t live with. But even then when I have internet and down time, I might end up working. I love this job and want to do well.

Honestly, part of me feels like I should know better. I want to be known as the travel agent who helps families reconnect through travel. And part of reconnecting with family and loved ones is taking time away from all we usually do and making time together the priority. But sometimes you can’t get complete y away from work. Today we are going to look at what you should do in this situation.

  • Set aside a specific time each day when you will work. For example, you may want to get up early and get your work done before the others in your family are ready to start the day. or maybe you’re a night owl and would prefer to work when the others are in bed.
  • Take time to enjoy your family and the vacation that you are on. Leave your phone and laptop in your hotel room. If you’re running a small company, leave the person you trust most in charge. And then turn around and make sure they get a vacation with their family as well. Let them know the times that you have decided to work.
  • I know at home I’ll usually spend several hours a day doing work stuff. Limit yourself to a couple of hours while you’re on vacation. And please, do not use time your family is relaxing by the pool or whatever. Take sometime to relax.

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