Hotel news


Sometimes  look at the news and know exactly what I want to write about. Other times , like today, I go through and find several different stories I want to write about.

The first story we are going to look at is not pretty, but this is something we can not close our eyes to. Sex trafficking is a problem, even here in the United States. Someone who gotten out of that industry started an online petition earlier this year, and this has led to a bill being introduce d to the New York legislature. The bill would apply to every lodging establishment in the state.. Okay, we need to get something like this to the United States Congress.

I know that Trump is cracking down on foreign visitors. But the hotel industry is still building. There are a lot of hotels that are about to be built or added on to.. And I think that is a good thing. Even if we do not have foreigners visiting, Americans themselves need to start taking more vacations.

I must confess that I have never been a huge pet lover. We’ve never had dogs, well, some of my siblings have dogs, and I can tolerate them. But some people absolutely love their pets and wouldn’t dream of going on vacation without them. The good news is that more hotels are becoming pet friendly. Pets are actually going to get their own beds. They are going to have their own menus. Sometimes hotels even offer pet room service. And what’s a vacation if all you do is sit in your hotel the whole time? Some of these hotels are going to have lists of pet friendly attractions as well.

So what are the things you are looking for when it comes to looking for a hotel? I would love to hear your thoughts on this.


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