Up for a mystery trip?

I’m kind of excited about some new things I’m starting to try in my business. I listened to a training yesterday that was talking about how important it is for people who are running businesses to connect and kind of trade lists and favors. That sounds like an idea I am going to be able to get into. I’ve been starting that and plan to do a lot more of that in the next few weeks. But let me get this done for today.

Most people have specific ideas when it comes to their vacation time. They know they want to get with their family and go on a cruise. Or they have decided that this is the year they are going to treat their children to Disney.. But sometimes you really just want to get away. You may be worn out from everything going on at work. Or you may just be bored and need sometime away. Apparently, there are several travel agencies that will send you on a mystery trip over in Europe. But one agency is starting to do this here in the US.

Now they will not send you anywhere they choose. You will need to fill out some surveys that will help them determine where you would like to go and what kind of things you like to do. They will always get an idea of your budget for this trip. Another thing you will tell them is your starting point, so that you won’t have to spend half of your time getting to and from your destination.

This kind of trip is not for everyone. A lot of people really like being part of the planning process.. What about you? Is this something you might be interested in? I would love to know your thoughts.

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