Sharing space with kids on a cruise

Kids.. Most adults love them. They have children of their own who parents love raising, spending time with them, teaching them right from wrong.. But there are times when you want a break from children. Maybe you just want to rest or be alone with your husband.. Or maybe you’re newlyweds on a cruise. You know you are going to want kids, but right now you’re just looking for a romantic vacation.

Honestly, a lot of cruiselines are still trying to figure out how much space should be places for everyone and how much should be adults only. Disney is, of course,known for its family friendly atmosphere. They have mostly family friendly shows. They do not have casinos, instead that area is dedicated to their children’s programs. But Disney does have some adults-only space. Some go between kid-friendly and adults-only. And some places are exclusively adults-only.

Things are a little different with Carnival. They have opened up an adults-only pool to everyone. They’re probably going to add such some more adults-only spaces in the future. But right there doesn’t seem to be a nice pool that is just for adults. Maybe in the meantime they can have certain times of day where children are not allowed in the pool area.

I would love to know your thoughts about this. How much adults-only space would you like? How much time do you want to be away from your children while you’re on a cruise?

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