LEGOLAND is great for young families

Memorial Day and the start of the summer season will be upon us before we know it. And if you haven’t already started the discussions, your family will start talking about your family wants to do for summer vacation. And if I know children, Orlando, the amusement park capitol, is going to come up.But if you have younger children, you might want to seriously consider LEGOLAND.

LEGOLAND prides itself on being the amusement park built for kids. Their take on Disney World is that the place is built for everyone, from children, to honeymooners, to older people. However, with LEGOLAND it’s different, they have built their site for kids, and that includes kids with different special needs.

Another thing I’m excited to share is that LEGOLAND tries to keep families together by placing kiddie rides right beside adult rides so that kids and parents can each have fun while still being together. They’ll also have rides that will appeal to the older kids in the same area.

LEGOLAND purposely has mostly rides that are great for those who are just starting out. They know that most families are going to outgrow their parks and move on to others. And they don’t want their rides to scare any of the youngsters.

I would love to know your thoughts about. Do you have any questions?

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