Eating when vacationing with Oasis

When a lot of people are on the road, they eat out. They might just grab some fast food, or they might go to a sit down restaurant and enjoy some time out of the car… But hen you vacation at an Oasis resort, they are going to treat you to the finer things in life. Let’s look at some things that will be on the menu.

  • They will not have your regular taco on their buffet. Instead they will have a gordita. [I don’t think you should think of Taco Bell here.] These gorditas have nice thick shells.
  • And instead of burritos, they have something called tortas ahogadas. These are bread rolls filled with pork and drenched with spicy sauce.
  • Try ceviche instead of nachos. You are going to find these to be higher class seafood topped with tomatoes and avocados and things like that.
  • When it comes to adult beverages, my joke is, “I like one kind of beer, and that’s root beer.” so I do not know much about any of that, but Oasis says that Mezcal is better than Tequilla. It is meant to be aaccompanied by orange slices and salt.

Apparently these are all more authentic Mexican foods. I’ve never tried them personally. And to be honest, I’m kind of partial to the Mexican food we have here. I would love to know your thoughts.

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