Romantic things to do in Miami

I have to admit, this week has been busy, pretty much with everything except work. And today I meant to work more than I have, but the internet has been giving me fits, and I may be using that as an excuse to read a good novel. However I do want to get some work stuff done, so here goes.

Miami is kind of like America’s Paris, having lots of great nightlife and culture. Add to that some beautiful beaches, and you have an awesome place for a omantic getaway. Let’s look at some specifics.

  • Bayside Marketplace is a great place whether you’re wanting to get a nice meal together or simply do some window shopping. It’s a great place to spend sometime with the one you love. In the evenings, they are going to have music for you to enjoy as well.
  • Looking for some adventure?adventure. Here you will find four rooms you will be able to try to escape from. You will be able to choose from a prison break, a zombie lab, bank robbery, or a nuclear bunker. And it can be even more fun if you travel with a group and make it a competition.
  • Looking for a beach that isn’t so wild? Go to Bayfront. This is a great place to enjoy a long walk on the beach. You are also going to enjoy people watching. This is a great place to go to after a romantic dinner.

I would love to help answer any questions you have about this place. And of course, I would love to book a trip for you.


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