Millennials can enjoy river cruising

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Usually when we think of river cruising, we think of older people, people that are, or are close to, retired. These people are into educational experience and the arts. They like fine dining and appreciate the option of having a beer or a glass of wine with their meals.

When it comes to pricing, river cruising can be expensive. However, they also tend to be inclusive. For example, you are usually going to get at least one shore excursion, and usually you will get several. River cruises are not known to nickel and dime you like other cruises.

Uniworld is putting together river cruise packages that will be perfect for Millennials that will take place in Europe. These are as short as four days and as long as twenty-two days.

There will be a hundred and twenty guests taken on each boat. You will have a contemporary hotel, restaurant, bar, and night club on this ship. Uniworld is experimenting with this new concept. And we will just have to wait and see how everything turns out. Please let me know if you are interesting in being part of the experiment.


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