I have a lot I would like to do with my business. I have set up another Facebook account and am trying to meet people and joins business groups. I’m still trying to write articles and get them out..

But today let’s talk about Europe and some ways you may be able to do things less expensively. Okay, I know that Europe is considered one of the hot destinations, it is also considered one of the more expensive. But Europe does not have to be expensive. Some travel agents specialize in European travel. Now let me make it clear, I do not specialize in Europe, but I can ask around and get answers to any questions we have.

Going on a tour is one of the ways you can do Europe cheaper. They have a lot of connections with hotels and things. If you don’t want to travel with a group, at least travel with a friend.

You might also go in the fall when everyone else has left. You’ll still be able to enjoy basically the same weather. You’ll also be enjoying less crowded everything.

Taking a short trip is another way to save money. Go on several shorter trip and you’ll do better..



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