Research shows…

Today we are going to look at some different travel news. First, there is good news, more families are planning to do some traveling this summer. According to one survey, three out of four Americans are planning to at least go out of town for one long weekend. And by long weekend, I mean taking at one extra day off of work. And more people are opened to taking a spontaneous weekend getaway. A lot of Americans are also considering taking a bleisure trip, which is simply mixing business with pleasure.

So where are Americans going for their vacations? As in summers past, Orlando and Cancun are among the top favorites. Vegas is another favorite. Places like San Francisco, Los Angeles, Seattle, Maui, Honolulu and Seattle are also popular places to vacation. Most people are planning to travel inside the United States, but of those who are traveling outside of our fair country, Mexico and the Caribbean are the most Popular destinations.

This is kind of surprising, considering the several upsets we’ve had over the last couple weeks, but people are generally pretty happy with airlines these days. But you have to remember that people are looking at all aspects of flying. Costs are down. And overall, people are treated pretty well.

I would love to know you’re thoughts about all this. I would also love to help you book your vacations.


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