It is Saturday, guys, and I’m aready to be off my computer for a nice while. I love my job, there’s no question of that. Most of what I do is writing or communicating with others, and I love it. But by Saturday afternoons, I’m tired.

The big news of the week is that I am goingto the camp I went to last year. You may be thinking, “you’re forty one years old, why are you going to camp?” This is a family camp. I go with old friends from when we used to live in Tennessee. It is nice to have that time to catch up with them.

And having gone last year, I think I’m more excited this year. I got to know so many people while I was there this Past year. I’m super excited to be going to see everyone again. Our mornings are pretty much spent listening to teaching and being in small groups. Afternoons are spent outdoors. And evenings are a party of some kind. I think I’m writing this exactly a month before camp starts.

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