Flight news



I think we are going to look at some flight news today. I know this is going to be somewhat different than my normal post, but sometimes different is good [sorry, Arby’s]. Besides, these pieces of news are what caught my eye today.

  • Forget suites on a cruise ship or at a resort, try a suite on an airplane. Delta is getting ready to unveil these planes that are going to have these suites in October of this year. The airplanes are going to be doing the very long flights, especially in the beginning. You’ll be enjoying your own room. It sounds like your chair should be basically a recliner. You will also have your own wide screen tv in there.
  • Have you ever been to a party for a dog? One of Orlando International’s service dogs is retiring, and they threw him a party. The other service dog s, as well as their fellow humor employees, were invited. The dog was given a large bone for her years of service. Let’s just hope there was other food for the humans.
  • I know there’s been a lot of bad news about the airlines, news of airline employee doing their passengers harm. But when a woman went into premature labor on one of Jet Airways flights, the airline’s employees came to the rescue and delivered the baby. Not only that, but they’ve given the little one free flights for life.

I would love to know your thoughts about any of this.

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